West Coast Organics Medical & Recreational Dispensary is dedicated to providing Brookings, Oregon medical marijuana patients & recreational users with high quality tested 100% Chemical free medicines in a comfortable and safe environment. The Purpose of Medicine is to heal the Body, Mind and Spirit. But from pharmaceutical companies to even “Healthy Alternatives”, we often take for granted what is in our medicine. We here at WEST Coast Organics feel you have the right to know what is in your medicine. Unlike most other dispensaries, we never deal with outside vendors and, in turn, can guarantee what natural and organic ingredients go into our medicine. That is why we have a full list of all our ingredients in our products. We believe that any endeavor in the field of medicine needs to be treated with the greatest respect.

From our hiring practices to our grow methods we take the greatest of care in doing things right. On staff, we have a registered nurse with oncology experience and many other patient educators with the knowledge, experience, and desire to help our patients. Quality medicine comes from taking great care in the grow process so we can produce consistent, potent high quality medicine. We then have our harvest tested by Green Leaf Lab to ensure that we providing you with a medicine that is free of bacteria, fungi, and other unwanted irritants. We never use chemicals or pesticides. We are also able to determine the levels of THC and CBD through these testing methods so we can pair the right medicine with the right patient. At West Coast Organics we are dedicated to presenting Brookings, Oregon medical marijuana patients with high quality tested medicines from knowledgeable and highly professional patient service providers in a comfortable and safe environment.

The patient service provider’s goal is to match each patient’s medical need to the cannabis plant that will deliver the greatest medical value for that patient’s specific medical need. We ask questions and listen carefully before we ever recommend a specific strain or dose technique. We understand that every patient is unique. One strain of cannabis does not fit all. This drives our commitment to finding what works best for you and offering over forty (40+) varieties of Indica, Sativa, and several hybrid strains, most of which is priced at just $10.00 per gram, with the balance of our select strains priced anywhere from $5-$20 per gram. West Coast Organics Medicines dispensing process is completely transparent. You will select your flower from large Mason Jars and will watch us weigh it out in front of you. You’ll know with 100% certainty that you received the strain you requested in the exact amount you requested.



Come on down and check out the new strains hitting the shelves this week:
Lemon Betty #6
O.T.M. Cookies
Blue Dream
Dog Shit Cherry Pie
Pineapple Trainwreck
Blue Magoo
Purple Gorilla Glue #1
Fire OG
Lavender Wonder
Agent Orange
Oregon Huckleberry
Purple Dream
Purple Chakra MT
Birds of Paradise